About data

Do you record or access any Attendee data?

No. We do not store any attributable or personal data, except when you enable CheckInOut/ContactTrace in admin.

The options here are;

  1. Anonymously add the User so they can be contacted via Admin messaging. Or
  2. Add a data collecting function, to enable email/phone contact.

Data held for this purpose is available for download and is done so in compliance with GDPR – which you will need to confirm on activation.

Data is deleted automatically after 21 days.

No Attendee data is accessed or used in any way by Kappow Apps.

Do you rent or sell any Event or User data?

No. We do not access any data at all about your Attendees.

About the E-vnt app

Is the E-vnt app free

Yes. It will always be free to Attendees.

Is E-vnt available in both App Store and Play Store?

Yes. It is available in both app stores. See the links at the bottom of this page.

Configuring your brand

Adding your Event company name and logo

Add your company name and logo (.png image format).

The app preview will show how your logo will look.

You will have the option to suppress the logo on pages that already have it (like your web site).

Choosing your colours and fonts

You can also use this page to change all the colours throughout your app, and allocate a default font family.

The preview shows you how this will look.

See the video ‘Configuring your brand‘.

Adding content to your app

I have signed up, what’s next?

If you have signed up, and logged in – the first page you will see is ‘Configuring your brand’.

Next you will need to add an Event.

How do I add pages

Once you’ve configured your brand, added your event name, location and a Home image – you need to add more pages.

We’ve added some automatically, like a Messages page, website, home and Event info.

How many pages can I add?

As many as you wish. Our system will automatically add a More page to list any more than your 5th page.

What types of pages can I add?

There are a number of different page types you can add to each Event.

Home – Every app must have a Home page (default). Add one or more images as a gallery (just add as many images as you wish).

Messages – (default) Contains your image messages.

Event Info – Timetables, menus, reistration, transportation, Emergency procedures – any information attendees might want prior to or during your event.

Add language translations (subscription required)

Call – calls the number you right out of your app.

Rich Text Format – adds a dynamic page, with any content you wish (text and images).

URL website address – links direct to any page on any website – must be https secure.

Menu – create your F&B menus, colors and images, choosing currency, menu items – and Contact Trace check in.

Facebook – Make sure you are loged into your Facebook page, then select that option and just add your ID, we’ll automatically add your FB feed.

Contacts directory – add a title, email and phone for any number of contacts (Organisers Office etc)

We are adding more page types all the time – these are in the pipeline

About images

What is the specification for images?

We recommend you provide images that are 2208 x 2208 pixels, saved for web as a .jpg or .png.

Choose the best format for the type of image you are using (say, .jpg for a ‘picture’ taken with a camera and .png for a logo or digital illustration – where there are flat colours) 

You should save them so the file size is reasonably small, around 300k or less if possible.

The images will be cropped left and right depending upon the device they are viewed on.

It is best to have your main content within the central 700 pixels wide, content outside this area may be cropped depending upon device.

Adding additional events

How to add additional events

Add a single branded event or if you have multiple event brands and want them connected, add your event company and then add separate events. You choose.

How many pages or tabs can I add to each event?

You can add as many as you wish. Our admin works out how many there are and automatically adds a ‘More’ tab as necessary.

Some events have common pages, do I have to re-enter them?

No. You can create a single Event experience app, and then ‘duplicate’ it, then rename and edit the copy.

Enterprise apps

What is an Enterprise app

This is your own app in the stores (as opposed to adding your content to E-vnt app).

We can ‘save out’ your content from E-vnt and ‘wrap’ it in your own app in the app stores.

You will still use our Admin, just benefit from having your own app listing.

What will I need for an Enterprise app?

You’ll first need your own accounts at Apple App Store and Google Play.

You will need to set up developer accounts for both the App Store and the Play Store. They will ask for a small subscription payment. They require you to sign for their TCs, so only an official company representative can do this.

This ensures you own the apps, they are in your brand accounts in the stores.

Apple will require an Apple ID and a Developer account.

Once these are set up and approved, add us as Developers so we can publish your apps in your own accounts. We will show you how to do this.

What else?

You’ll need to tell us you want to upgrade to an Enterprise app (using email, our contact form or our 24/7 chat).

We’ll take you through what we need (not much!) and it will take around 2 weeks – monty for Apple and Google to set up your accounts.

Venue Information

What type of information can I include?

Make available all information for Attendees, right in their pockets.

Any venue and event information including registration and travel, facilities, local partners, on site messaging, timetables and much more.

How do I add venue information?

Click on the Pencil icon to edit your Event Information. The is a full text editor you can use to format text, and add images or video.

You can add Sections and Subsections to group your content into easy to read sections (like chapters is a book).

You can toggel content invisible/visible by tapping the Eye icon – enabling you to work on your Event Information until you are ready to publish.

Adding Timetables/Menus

Adding Timetable/Menus

Check out the video walkthru below ‘Adding Menu’ & ‘Adding a Timetable’.

You can add as many as you wish. Each can have it’s own optional Check In/Out.

How does Contact Trace/Check In work

You have an option on all menus/timetables to add a Contact Trace check in, with a further option to collect data.

Enabling Contact Trace activates a Red button at the top of your Timetable/menu.

Tapping this ‘Checks In’ your User and we record their date and time.

You can then select to message anyone ‘Checked In’ based on the date and time. this is anonymous, we don’t collect User data or make it available, unless you select to;

This is an additional option to collect data, which we hold for 21 days. You can download this at any time based on a search for date and time Users checkin in. So, if you are alerted to a risk of someone attending during X date and time, you can alert your Users who attended, and download and make the data available to the authorities.

You can ensure attendees are checked in by asking them to show you their phone, the checked in screen is Green.

Please see the video ‘Contact Trace’ below.

About messaging

What’s the difference between Messaging and Quick Messaging

A quick message is just a Push notification, with no content associated with it.

A Quick message will be sent to everyone with that Event as a favorite. It’s really handy to communicate something quickly.

Messaging has content associated with it, and appears in a tab within your app. An image, a headline, some text and optional PDF or YouTube video can be included.

Do I have to send a Push with a Message

You have the option to include a Push notfication if you wish.

Can I limit Push to my event location?

If you have set your address and range (under Name in admin), you can limit Push to inside or outside the range radius of your location.

Just select that option when sending a push.

How do I send a Message

Prepare your image as a .jpg (see ‘About Images”), your headline and text. Go to the right hand menu and tap Messaging. This video shows how to send a message.

See how you can choose to include a Push, and limit it to the radius set around your location.

Check out the video ‘Sending Messages’.

Sending a Quick Message

This is just a quick push message to everyone in the Event. Go to the right hand menu and tap Quick Messaging. This sends a Push with a link, you can choose to limit this to only Attendees within your set radius.

Check out the video ‘Sending a Quick Message’.

Contact trace Message

You can send a message to any diner based on their check in date and time. You can include links to other pages in your app or to more information on the wider web.

Admin on mobile and tablets

Does your admin work on Mobile and Tablets?

Yes. Our admin works seamlessly on all devices.

You can update you app from any connected device, ensuing your content and messaging is always up to date.

Is there a specific app I need for this?

No! This is not necessary as we have optimised the site for use on Mobiles and Tablets.

However, you can download and save the icon to your device Home Screen providing you with easy access right on your mobile!

For iPhones Open Safari and go to Scroll up until you see a bar appear at the bottom of your screen with some icons in it.

You should see in the middle a square box with an arrow pointing up. Tap this, and scroll down until you see an option to Add to Home Screen with a square +.

Tap Add in the top right. You are done!

For Android phones Open Chrome and go to Tap the 3 dots icon top right, and select Add to Home screen, tap Add. You are done!

Telling Attendees about your app

When will my app be available?

Immediately! Once you have signed up and added your content, your app is immediately live.

How do Attendees get the app?

There are several ways;

  1. You can provide them with a short link – add to emails or share through your networks.
  2. You can use the QR on screens, point of sale, posters etc.
  3. You can add search keywords.
  4. Adding event location means users can just tap ‘nearby’ to find your app.

What happens if Attendees don’t have E-vnt on their phones?

Our link and QR tech automatically downloads the E-vnt from the correct store and immediately opens your branded event experience app.

Hey, I need something else!

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